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How Does The Air Spring Absorb Vibrations?

January 1, 2019

The air spring is filled with compressed air in a sealed container, and its elasticity is achieved by the compressibility of the gas. The air spring has the ideal nonlinear elastic characteristic. When the height adjustment device is added, the height of the body does not change with the increase or decrease of the load. The rigidity of the spring can be designed lower, and the riding comfort is good.
As everyone knows, in a solid vibration propagation speed, less attenuation, so the damping effect of the traditional metal spring is not ideal, the spiral spring can only absorb part of low-frequency vibration, and high frequency vibration through the metal medium spiral spring directly to the car. But the air spring itself is made by the shock absorption effect excellent rubber, the low frequency vibration is absorbed by the air in the air bag, the high frequency vibration is absorbed by the rubber. So the car with the air suspension system not only has greatly improved the comfort, but also a lot of quiet in the car. All the vibrations from the road have been isolated.
The quality of the air spring is smaller than the quality of any of the spring, and longer service life, but the height is large in size, suitable for large vehicles in the layout, so in recent years in large passenger cars, especially has been widely applied on the bus. But in the car sector, only a handful of top class cars are used.

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