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How Much Do You Know About Air Suspension System

January 15, 2019

First, the history of air suspension

Air suspension was not born in recent years. Harvey in the early 1930s, Firestone (HarverySamuelFirestone) in his friend Henry Ford (HenryFord) and Thomas. Alva. Edison (ThomasAlvaEdison) technical support, development of the air spring suspension system in the form of a column of air.

So in 1934, Harvey Firestone first used the automobile air spring in the car industry for the first time in his own company (Firestone Tire and Rubber Company). In 1938, General Motors was interested in installing an air spring suspension system on passenger cars. They worked with the Firestone Co in the first round of trials in 1944. Production of air suspension buses began in 1953, the beginning of the commercial vehicle's adoption of air suspension.

Two. Structure of air suspension

Air suspension system is usually composed of air spring, shock absorber, guiding structure, air supply unit (such as air compressor, single valve, gas road, gas storage tank, etc.), height control valve, etc.. Many brands, especially luxury cars that ride comfort, or SUV models, are equipped with or can be fitted with air suspension.

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